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Editorial Reviews. From Publishers Weekly. Evangelical theologian and activist Sider gets down to specifics in this book about American social programs, which .
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Nationally known as the president of the Philadelphia-based Evangelicals for Social Action, Sider grapples with the socioeconomic data available on the extent and impact of poverty in America from Things haven't changed in the past 20 years, only worse after the meltdown. Good book from a Christian perspective, but not much hope. Ronald J. Just Generosity calls Christians to examine their priorities and their pocketbooks in the face of a scandalous tendency to overlook those among us who suffer while we live in practical opulence.

This holistic approach to helping the poor goes far beyond donating clothes or money, envisioning a world in which faith-based groups work with businesses, the media, and the government to help end poverty in the world's richest nation.

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He asks the toughest and most significant question of all: Do Christians care enough to really do something about poverty? I hope every Christian will read this book and give a resounding answer of YES.

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Sider does not pull any punches. His honest assessment of the ongoing problem of racism and the structural inequities which lock African Americans, Latino Americans and minorities out of the 'system' is accurately written. Equally as even handed is his treatment of the poor personal and behavioral choices that persons make in adding to the vicious cycle of poverty in to which they find themselves and their families locked. Dr Sider does not take sides with either the 'conservatives' or the 'liberals', however.

He has a 'middle of the road' approach which not only analyzes the causes of the disparities in income in the world's richest country.

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He does what most scholars do not do. He offers some very practical and pragmatic solutions. Basing his approach on biblical principles, Dr. Sider demonstrates how every institution in society must do its share with each of those institutions doing what it does best. He demonstrates how 'civil society', business, the media, the academy and the government can end the suffering of over 36 million people in this country. I am excited by his work and look forward to seeing many of his policies implemented.

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He gives local pastors and local people of faith some actual 'how-to's' in terms of addressing such a mammoth problem. We are not left feeling helpless after reading his work. We are left with some actual handles on doing something about ending this massive disparity. I commend him for his work and for his mind. Wright, Jr.

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Sider PhD, Yale University is the founder and president emeritus of Evangelicals for Social Action and distinguished professor of theology, holistic ministry, and public policy at Palmer Theological Seminary at Eastern University in Wynnewood, Continue reading about Ronald J. Praise for the first edition: Christianity Today Book Award Winner "Believing that, faithfully interpreted and lived, the Scriptures can provide the vision and motivation needed to reduce poverty dramatically, Sider spells out a set of proposals for a social policy that works toward that goal.

Sider offers broad policy proposals regarding welfare and crime reduction and suggests that societal problems would be best handled by partnerships between governments and philanthropic organizations. Many readers will find his discussion insightful and his proposals for change resonant. An essential purchase whose wide-based discussion reaches many segments of readers.

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His book Rich Christians in an Age of Hunger helped form the minds and consciences of a generation of younger evangelicals. The present book demonstrates a greater attentiveness to public policy specifics, while losing none of Sider's evangelical urgency. Sider's persuasiveness is enhanced by his unequivocal recognition that 'the least of these' includes the unborn and others who are too often excluded from the realm of 'just generosity.

Ron Sider has made an important and timely contribution to that growing convergence. He is truly calling for a compassionate, integrated, and biblical response to the poor. It will also be useful in local church study groups.

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You will not agree with every proposal. But you will learn from the many models offered and the summaries of research across a wide spectrum of issues. You will hear the tough policy questions addressed frankly. You will see a new vision for overcoming poverty in America. You may also be moved to take action.

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