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Hedgehog's second album was released in March Unlike “Noise Hit World” which had all English lyrics, “Blue Daydreaming” features seven Chinese.
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The Land of Darkness is the actual surface of Planet Freedom, a post-apocalyptic wilderness with Robotnik as its sole living inhabitant. The Land of Darkness can only be accessed in one of two ways: by a whirlwind-like "portal" in the Land of the Sky, or via a warp zone , an extradimensional link between two points on Planet Freedom.

Most of its terrain is untamed and mountainous, but a crumbling city serves as the location of Robotnik's empire. The city and terrain strongly imply that Planet Freedom is a post apocalyptic Earth that was built upon with floating islands , with certain landmarks suggesting that the ruins are those of New York City. After entering Robotropolis, Knuckles tries to fend off enemy robots while Sonic and Tails try to stop the generator at heart of the city. They arrive just in time, but when Sonic pulls the lever, the machine traps him and scans his body. Knuckles frees Sonic just as the machine crumbles to the ground, revealing Dr.

Robotnik's newest robot, Hyper Metal Sonic. Robotnik appears in Metal Robotnik's remains and reveals he lured Sonic to copy his memories, personalities, and knowledge for Hyper Metal Sonic. Sonic and Metal battle, but Metal soundly defeats Sonic. Tails and Knuckles return to the Land of the Sky, where Tails learns that Metal is out to destroy the planet by digging into the ice caps that hold the Land of the Sky together, allowing lava to emerge and melt the ice.

The OVA series was produced by the animation studio Pierrot with cooperation from Sega and General Entertainment , originally distributed by Taki Corporation in Japan on a rental-only basis between January 26, and March 22, before being released for retail sale on May 31, It was later re-released on DVD on January 13, The Following scenes are commonly believed to have been edited or removed from the VHS release of the film:. The animation is much cleaner than you could ever expect from a TV show, but the characters on-screen presence is what really makes Sonic so cool.

It's like playing the game, but in anime form. After the U.

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Sonic cartoon has been canceled, this Anime is definitely a good choice. Henry Gilbert of GamesRadar approved of the concept of a colorful, fast-paced anime adaptation of Sonic , noting the fights between Sonic and his evil counterpart, Metal Sonic, as "cool. He called the English dub poor, and said the story "strayed from the video games a little too much" and it was "very basic". From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

For the video game, see Freedom Planet. We want to hurt them back or pay for what they did to us, or even those we love. Feelings of anger, frustration and even thoughts of revenge may pop up in your mind.

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They hurt us, so now they must pay, they have to feel our pain and what they put us through to understand how we feel too. It seems unfair that we need to bear this burden, yet they walk away with apparently no conscience or feelings of remorse. This is a deadly trap to let ourselves fall into!

How do we determine if we have any of these bad feelings still left undealt with? By talking excessively about the event or the person responsible, by bad-mouthing them, how it or what they did still bothers you, and by letting it get to you bringing bitterness or hatred into your heart. Do not hold onto those miserable feelings inside and allow them to interfere with your life. Forgive and truly let it go. Do this for yourself. When someone you care about hurts you, you can hold on to anger, resentment and thoughts of revenge — or embrace forgiveness and move forward.

But if you don't practice forgiveness, you will be the one who pays the most.

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Whether or not the person is a friend, family member, colleague, etc. So, in saying this, if you hold onto unforgiveness, you see that this does not affect the other person in any way. This is for you, and you alone. Keep this in mind also, what you say and what you do matters. When you show kindness to others, your words and actions have a positive ripple effect which spreads out to affect many people.

The same thing happens when you are impatient, intolerant or indifferent to others. By embracing forgiveness, you can also embrace peace, hope, gratitude and joy. Consider how forgiveness can lead you down the path of physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. Remember that the Law of Attraction or laws of Karma, works in that what we do or allow to happen to others, all comes back to us in abundance. We have not to worry about this part, allow the natural course of action which God has structured into the Universe, to naturally run its course.

We put our guard up, a defence mechanism against getting hurt all over again. Perhaps a new friendship or partner comes into our lives, yet we cannot find the strength to get close to them because of the way we were hurt in the past. Or perhaps we are so afraid of going through the same problems all over again that caused us hurt before. This is a very difficult thing to deal with, because the world is full of people out there with no regard for others.

Myself, family and friends continue to get hurt often by thinking the next person will be different, but this is not so in many cases. He was so correct and inspiring by saying this. Fortunately, not all people are the same, and we should not let the ones that caused us harm get in the way of those who mean us well and are truly there for us.

There are plenty of true friends and people out there who will not reject you, so focus on these one and forget about the rest. No need to worry about or overthink the situation, they will get what they deserve when it comes to their fate and the Karma which comes back. Although forgiveness can be very difficult, it is necessary. You need to set yourself free. There is a favourite quote of mine from author Lewis B. Certain clashes you have with others are inevitable. No two people are the same, and at some point there will be a difference of some sort. These things are unavoidable, especially when it comes to miscommunication, people letting you down, or any other small human error.

These things are petty in the grand scheme of things, and could easily be forgiven. We are all human and make mistakes or take each other in the wrong way from time to time. Such is life, as they say, and we all need to learn to own up for our own misgivings where due. We are not perfect. We must forgive ourselves too. We did what we could at the time to the best of our knowledge what was right.

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We may have spoken some truth or made a decision that others did not like, but standing up for oneself and speaking out is not wrong. Learn to forgive and let go, in order to set yourself free from those burdens which hold us back.

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Remember to live in the now, to make the most of your life and stay in your happy space all the coming days ahead. Labels: acceptance , choices , communication , family , forgiveness , friends , growth , grudges , happiness , hardship , healing , health , integrity , life lessons , loved ones , obstacles , perseverance , relationships , strength , truth.

The other day I was speaking with and encouraging a friend who has been going through a difficult patch of her life, when I came to realise that what we were talking about was this exact lesson I have learned in totality in this last year of my life. We were discussing the concept of time, the making use of the time you are given right now, and the fact that so much of it is wasted on the wrong things, activities and people.

We need to have a balance, we agreed. As I have said in the past on many an occasion, time is not guaranteed to us and the ever-ticking clock of time stops for no-one.

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For a while now, I have been focusing on what is truly important in my life. There are a few things that brought this on. For one; the constant reminders when speaking of my goals and dreams to friends, family, colleagues, etc. This along with the realisation as I approach my next birthday, and thinking how crazy it is that it is just around the corner again.

It has been a busy year. However, this is not much of an excuse. I read something the other day by American Author H. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. There is always room for improvement here. We are only human after all. In my own life, I have made tremendous progress with this way of positive thinking over the years. This visit with my friend was one of those times. We sat there talking about the wrong things and people taking too much of our valuable time. And so, like the proverbial light bulb going on above my head, I remembered that I originally had learned this lesson many years ago and this was just another one of those moments reminding me of this!

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From what I learned this far through my own experiences and the lives of those around me, is that it really is not worth wasting your precious time on anything which is not contributing to your life. If you do not start prioritising now, before you know it, so much time has passed and wasted where we could be doing the things we love and work towards our future. Perhaps you find you are chasing after them by contacting them all the time and there is no reciprocation, no reply or no effort at all. This is when it is time to say goodbye and focus on the ones that really want to be part of your life and keep in contact.

Indeed, other countries, he suggests, including Spain, Italy, and the United Kingdom, are at risk of balkanization. On the demographic issue, intertwined as it is with concerns about immigration and assimilation, Judt has less to say—certainly less than needs to be said, even in a book of more than pages. Still, he identifies Muslim newcomers as the turbines slicing through placid European waters. Its people may have their troubles, but they have been problem-solvers in the past. Maybe they will get the message of the Mohammed-mocking cartoon controversy and close their door to the Middle East.

Even better, they could reopen it to Latin America. Why not call back home, for example, all those Argentines whose ancestors left the Old World—mistakenly, as it turned out—in hopes of a better life in the New World? Meanwhile, the Europeans have finally figured out how to keep themselves clear of most deliberate foreign entanglements. They have given up their colonies and their colonial ambitions—except, of course, when offshore superpowers talk them into futile neo-adventures. But even those are modest and destined to be of short duration.

Of course, the Judtian formula for Europe—call it mass-Switzerlandization—is not a plan for macht-politik. Europe is, after all, just a rocky little peninsula on the Eurasian landmass.

So maybe few will notice if it sidles off to the second-tier seats of history. In this mellow worldview, it is time for others, the new unbounded hyperpowers, to make their bids for world-historical hegemony. The Europeans may never again be great, in the traditional metrics of imperialism and militarism. In that land, amidst their post-industrial pastoralism, they can perhaps build a small confederation of low-key, high value-added tourist traps. A revival of the Roman Catholic Church on its home turf? Such may not be the Euro-scenario that Judt had in mind when he sat down to write this enjoyable and enlightening book.