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Editorial Reviews. From the Author. Sharon and I grew up in a household filled with food influences ranging from a myriad of places around the world. Most of.
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Peg Bracken

I'm not gunning for a spot on Top Chef. No one's rating my brussels sprouts on Yelp.

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Yes, there might be some people who blame the slow death of home cooking on women leaning in to their jobs, but there are plenty of career women who also make a mean brisket. The difference, Durvasula says, is that I don't enjoy cooking, and as such, struggling to drag the food processor out of the pantry feels oppressive to me.

One woman's glass casserole dish is another woman's glass ceiling.

The struggles of a woman who hates the kitchen - Evewoman

In other words, if you can't stand the kitchen, just get out of the heat—and erase the "I'm lame" feelings from your head. If meal prep pisses you off, Durvasula says, "that stress is probably going to negate the benefits you get from cooking at home. So bon appetit. Here are some of my go-to "home cooking" meals, which are healthy, tasty, and require no actual cooking at all:.

Spread a slice of whole-grain bread go for one with less than four grams of sugar with cashew or almond butter. Layer on fresh raspberries, halved grapes, or sliced strawberries; sprinkle with chia or sunflower seeds for crunch; dust with cinnamon; enjoy. Seal and refrigerate overnight. In the morning, dig in! Upgrade your overnight oats with these 7 tips.

Microwave 90 seconds, then stir in as much fresh salsa as desired.


Top with a dollop each of guacamole and low-fat plain Greek yogurt, and chow. Still not feeling the whole "making food yourself" thing? No worries, that's why we have takeout. Here's what to order from typical delivery spots that max out nutrition and cut the calories:.

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  • Have a single slice of the pie, along with a salad containing classic 'za toppings—tomatoes, mozzarella, mushrooms, and roasted red peppers. In lieu of dressing, drizzle on a tablespoon of pesto—the healthy fats olive oil and pine nuts will help you absorb the good stuff in the salad, says Amy Gorin, R. Get a brothy soup, like miso or wonton, to start—studies show it will help you eat less overall.

    They took children to diners and bars. They ordered pizza. That was ages ago. And I imagined that matters would only improve from there. Noble food philosophers preached the retro virtues of slow, real food instead of the quickie, frozen stuff that had once spelled liberation to me. Neither does it, notably, fall to the dads, whom the cookbooks commend for having signature dishes or being grill-masters, but not for punching the clock at breakfast, lunch and dinner.

    No, cooking belongs, inevitably, to the moms.

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    They find cooking expressive and fascinating. No one but me wants to be a born defroster anymore. Or is theirs the true consciousness — the liking to cook — and I just would have fared better in the heyday of Salisbury steak? At the same time no MakerBot is going to roll in and cook for my family. Thus we get the mother cookbooks, stuffed like Cornish hens with their whimsical anecdotes and their photos of stylish children helping to cook like cheerfully indentured galley slaves. These books do much more than prep you to opine grandly on nutritional fallacies.

    They bark out actual marching orders for making meals.

    Life, Off Script

    The lively food seminar, which only demanded that I read and talk, is over; the dread hard labor of cooking has begun. Not only are these women or their trusty co-authors ace home cooks, they have also figured out dinner once and for all and are extraordinarily self-assured about their axioms.

    They heard the clarion call of real food a decade ago and resolved for Empire?

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    I existed fine with my handfuls of nuts and my grazing routines until I began my decades of cohabitation with various boyfriends. I noticed that my stomach would start to churn as the sun descended, and the evening was always hungry. In the midst of writing, studying, doing full-time employment things, I always seemed to push the thoughts of meal-planning until around 4pm, at which point the only thing to be done was to make a salad or buy a pre-roasted chicken from the deli case.

    No man I lived with ever looked at his watch, then at the significantly empty table, while tapping his foot impatiently. Maybe a few comments were made when it became clear no home-roasted chickens would appear from the oven.

    Why Do Women Have to Cook?

    The men I lived with often cooked lovely pasta dishes or used crock pots with aplomb, and I like to think that I helped clear the way for this exploration into their inner Julia Childs. Still, as I chewed their creations and praised them effusively, I resented the fact that they got extra credit for what I was supposed to do, for what I therefore did only grudgingly. To contribute to my own kitchen-shaming, I kept an elaborate grade-book in my head of my food fuck-ups. Around me, the kitchen memoirs began to appear.

    Was I lazy? No, I could work like a maniac.

    Was it possible to have a cooking disorder? Why did I have this horrible Betty Crocker anxiety? I was bad at cooking, and taking the time to get better while being observed by someone else whose dinner you would also ruin was such a public way to fail. Maybe I could blame a school musical from fourth grade, a sort of dystopian Martians-invade-and-everyone-sings-and-becomes-friends production.

    Energy pill.