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The time of reckoning is close at hand. Events in the New York Times bestselling Star Wars The New Jedi Order series take a decisive turn, as the heroes of the.
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I felt him. It could have been no one else. She knew that Han believed their son dead, but that he tried, for her sake, to pretend otherwise. She knew that, fierce with grief and with guilt for having withdrawn from his family, he would support her in anything now, even if he believed it was delusional. And she knew the strength it took for him to suppress his own pain and doubt. She could read all that in him, in the flicker of his eye, the twitch of his cheek. She could read him, read the bravery and the uncertainty, and she loved him for both.

She put as much confidence in her tone as she could, all her assurance. He wanted to tell me he was alive and with friends. Not at all. His brown eyes softened. I believe you. Leia reached for him, embraced him awkwardly from the copilot's seat. His arms went around her. She felt the bristle of his cheek against hers, inhaled the scent of his body, his hair. A bubble of happiness grew in her, burst into speech. And so are we. Be joyful. Be at peace.

Everything changes from now on. Through the touch, Leia felt the slight tension of Han's muscles as he came in sight of their guest--an Imperial commander in immaculate dress grays. Han, Leia knew, had hoped that this mission would provide a chance for the two of them to be alone. Through the many months since the war with the Yuuzhan Vong had begun, they had either been apart or dealing with a bewildering succession of crises.

Even though their current mission was no less urgent than the others, they would have treasured this time alone in hyperspace. They had even left Leia's Noghri bodyguards behind. Neither of them had wanted any passengers at all, let alone an Imperial officer. Thus far Han had managed to be civil about it, but only just. The commander rose politely to her feet.

She was a woman of about thirty, the daughter of the captain of a Star Destroyer, with bobbed dark hair tucked neatly into her uniform cap, and the bland, pleasant face of a professional diplomat. She had been on Coruscant during its fall, allegedly negotiating some kind of commercial treaty, purchasing Ulban droid brains for use in Imperial hydroponics farms. The negotiations were complicated by the fact that the droid brains in question could equally well be used for military purposes. The negotiations regarding the brains' end-use certificates had gone nowhere in particular, but perhaps they had been intended to go nowhere.

What Commander Dorja's extended stay on Coruscant had done was to make her a close observer in the Yuuzhan Vong assault that had resulted in the planet's fall. Vana Dorja had gotten off Coruscant somehow--Leia had no doubt that her escape had been planned long in advance--and she had then turned up at Mon Calamari, the new provisional capital, blandly asking for help in returning to Imperial space just at the moment at which Leia had been assigned a diplomatic mission to that selfsame Empire. Of course it wasn't a coincidence. Dorja was clearly a spy operating under commercial cover.

But what could Leia do? The New Republic might need the help of the Empire, and the Empire might be offended if its commercial representative were needlessly delayed in her return. What Leia could do was establish some ground rules concerning where on the Falcon Commander Dorja could go, and where was strictly off limits. Dorja had agreed immediately to the restrictions, and agreed as well to be scanned for any technological or other secrets she might be smuggling out.


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Nothing had turned up on the scan. Of course. If Vana Dorja was carrying any vital secrets to her masters in the Empire, she was carrying them locked in her all-too-inquisitive brain. Leia sat across the table from her, and observed the half-empty glass of juri juice set before the commander. He is very efficient, though a trifle talkative. Leia thought. What's Threepio been telling the woman? Blast it anyway. Dorja was all too skilled at creating these unsettling moments.

Dorja nodded, bland as always. As Han sat down with his plates, C-3PO contemplated the table.

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But a commander--forgive me--does not take precedence over a New Republic general, even one on the inactive list. General Solo, if you would be so kind as to sit above Commander Dorja? Which was, of course, as far away from the Imperial commander as the small table permitted. C-3PO looked as distressed as it was possible for a droid with an immobile face to look.

C-3PO's tone allowed his disappointment to show. Poor 3PO, Leia thought. Here he was designed for working out rules of protocol for state banquets involving dozens of species and hundreds of governments, interpreting and smoothing disputes, and instead she persisted in getting him into situations where he kept getting shot at. And now the galaxy was being invaded by beings who had marked for extermination every droid in existence--and they were winning.

Whatever C-3PO had for nerves must be shot.

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Lots of formal dinner parties when this is over, Leia decided. Nice, soothing dinner parties, without assassins, quarrels, or light-saber fights. She knew him well enough to anticipate the sense of any remarks. No, he would say, Imperial leaders generally stay in their seats of power until they're blasted out by laser cannons. Before Han could speak, she phrased a more diplomatic answer. Dorja picked up her fork, held it over her plate. Certainly better than Borsk Fey'lya's policy--if I understood it correctly as a policy--of negotiating with the invaders at the same time as he was fighting them, sending signals of weakness to a ruthless enemy who used negotiation only as a cover for further conquests.

They would have called it the Nova Colossus or the Galaxy Destructor or the Nostril of Palpatine or something equally grandiose. They would have spent billions of credits, employed thousands of contractors and subcontractors, and equipped it with the latest in death-dealing technology.

Under the Cover

And you know what would have happened? It wouldn't have worked. They'd forget to bolt down a metal plate over an access hatch leading to the main reactors, or some other mistake, and a hotshot enemy pilot would drop a bomb down there and blow the whole thing up. Now that's what the Empire would have done.

His brief triumph was interrupted by a sudden shriek from the Falcon's hyperdrive units. The ship shuddered. Proximity alarms wailed. Leia, her heart beating in synchrony to the blaring alarms, stared into Han's startled brown eyes. Han turned to Commander Dorja. Then he looked out the cockpit windows. The stars, he saw, had returned to their normal configuration--the Millennium Falcon had been yanked out of hyperspace.

And Han had a good idea why, an idea that a glance at the sensor displays served only to confirm. He turned to Leia as she scrambled into the copilot's chair. The Yuuzhan Vong had been seeding dovin basal mines along New Republic trade routes in order to drag unsuspecting transports out of hyperspace and into an ambush. But their mining efforts hadn't extended this far along the Hydian Way, at least not until now. And there, Han saw in the displays, were the ambushers. Two flights of six coralskippers each, one positioned on either side of the dovin basal in order to intercept any unsuspecting transport.

He reached for the controls, then hesitated, wondering if Leia should pilot while he ran for the turbolaser turret. No, he thought, he knew the Millennium Falcon, her capabilities, and her crotchets better than anyone, and good piloting was going to get them out of this trouble more than good shooting. Leia bent to give him a quick kiss on the cheek. Coralskippers weren't hyperspace capable, so some larger craft had to have dropped them here. Was that ship still around, or had it moved on to lay another mine somewhere else? It had gone, apparently.

Even with that, I don't get that sense from her. Her questions may be toned back but I keep reading them as almost energized, as it's obvious she's passionate about certain topics. I trust her as little as Leia does. It's an incredibly philosophical book, even after Traitor. Jag accidentally meets up with the Solos and Dorja, and gives an update on the squadrons. I liked the three flying together and I hope to see more of it as the series continues - even though I KNOW Jag and Jaina kind of fall out of touch and then are at odds with each other through the "Dark Nest" trilogy.

I like that Lowie and Tesar are in Twin Suns. I don't like Fyor Rodan I can understand both sides of this, I just really don't agree with how Rodan is approaching it. Still, he's fed up of two years without knowing where the Jedi stand. Which is why a Council is needed. Also, Rodan bringing up Vader is not only a low blow but doesn't make sense. Yes, Luke's wishy-washy behavior during the Rebellion is relevant to the discussion, but not Vader.

Kyp - yes. Corran - probably. Vader - no. We learn that the New Republic fleet is attempting to kill Overlord Shimrra. Thus, we go to Jaina. She realizes that she needs to modify some of her tactics in order to fit the Trickster persona and isn't that what Jag told her a while ago - that she needs to keep changing strategies?

Additionally, we see that while Jaina's not dark, there is still a hardness within her. That is very realistic. I find it odd that Tenel Ka is mentioned to be Jaina's former classmate, and not her friend. I wonder if that's because she's Queen Mother. It is also jarring to read "Tenel" instead of "Tenel Ka. Madurrin and her Anx species are new. I really liked Vergere's back story. It's nice to know that it was 50 years with the Yuuzhan Vong that shaped her, and she wasn't always wonky. I also enjoyed the info on Zonama Sekot. I almost feel bad for Vergere, and how dazed she is at coming back to a "ruined" galaxy.

I like Luke's idea of having a Council that is half Jedi, half political. We get a lot more of the Yuuzhan Vong history and ideology through Nom Anor. We particularly see how meetings with different castes are held under one Overlord. Onimi is seemingly a jester.

Thoughts on Star Wars; The New Jedi Order - Destiny's Way

He's incredibly suspicious with his behavior. It's easy to see the effects of Jacen meddling with the dhuryam and Coruscant's worldshaping. It's humorous too. Han calling Jacen 'Sprout' is so very odd. Luke thinks of Jacen as a tipping point. And sure, he has a destiny. But Luke accepting Vergere's words so quickly is mind-boggling. I DO agree though that understanding emotions prevents them from having power over us. She's crafty, and twists the truth by giving both full and half truths.

Nom Anor looks for a tipping point in the heretical sects. Through him, we see that not all clans are known. And he learns the truth of the eighth cortex, so it'll be interesting to see where that leads. Kre'fey wouldn't tell Jaina about Jacen simply because she's a hero. He has more respect than that. Poor characterization. Jaina thinking again of death and pushing people away is almost annoying - yet that's how depression works. And it's damn annoying. I really like that Winter is helping Ackbar. There are too many throwbacks to the Rebellion and the past overall though.

Like, Winter didn't drop out of contact after saving Anakin when he was 2. Luke in the Rebellion is old news. With weird aliens! Ssi-ruu, anyone? There are a lot of politics here, but it's not dry nor is it boring. It brings a lot to the GFFA. It was very weird to read of a ship "ponderously rolling" into space. I didn't like the word "Dopplering.

We get more Saba. To a point. It's beat into the reader's bloody brain that Scour has his own agenda. Damn annoying. Yet when we learn that agenda, it's abhorrent and nauseating. The Myrkr apprentices are Knighted in It's over-the-top, and definitely not something Luke should have bowed to. But they're the first Knights of the new Order, which - according to Cal - requires some pomp.

I love that Luke and Mara and us! Ackbar's trap is brilliant. Even the reader doesn't know the extent of it until the twins figure it out. I really like that TL surprised the New Republic. The Jedi meld through Jecen is phenomenal. I don't like that a lot of the pilots don't even have names — just ones like "Twin 10," etc. Feb 16, Adil rated it it was amazing Shelves: 9-grade , g9-g Destiny's Way is a perfect continuation of the phenomenal prequel Traitor.

Destiny's Way is one of my favorite books and this is driven home by how easy-to-read, yet in dept the book. Overall this book is a must read and a great piece of work. Oh my God I can't say anything without saying spoilers so I won't but oh my GOD, it was such a good book.

Was very meh at the beginning but by the end So many pivotal moments happened in this book. This was an excellent setup for the few remaining New Jedi Order books after it. I loved everything about this book except the fact that Luke still doesn't play a huge role in the action. But I guess at his age that's understandable. Feb 04, Peter. Norton rated it it was amazing. This book had good plot and a lot of drama, it contained a great amount of questioning what the Jedi truly understand about the force and why they need to learn more, along with the multiple points of view on where to look and how.

Dec 04, Rob rated it really liked it. The stories are really getting good, I like this series and would have to say, This is a Good Read. Apr 21, Matt Bergevin rated it liked it. Getting really excited for the last few chapters of the Yuuzhan Vong storyline. Jul 24, Vic rated it liked it. I found thia book a bit boring but still connects a lot of plot lines, essential to completing the reading of this series in my opinion.

May 04, Wade Schacht rated it it was amazing. Three words. I am so glad that he is Chief of State! Feb 01, Kristen rated it it was amazing. Loving where the new Jedi mind set is going! This series is ten times better than Episodes 7 and 8. If I could choose a term that described my overall impression of this book, it would most likely be: pleasantly dissatisfied. Yes, an oxymoron. Simply put, I expected more from this book.

The pleasant part comes from the way certain events played out, covering major ground without treading too heavily on any particular subject. The dissatisfied part comes from the blandness of the writing. I could discern no noticeable style or flair to Williams ' writing, though, to his credit I was never annoyed b If I could choose a term that described my overall impression of this book, it would most likely be: pleasantly dissatisfied.

I also never noticed any particularly well-written sections. Some of the things I enjoyed about this novel were the reappearance of Luke as a leader, taking large strides to help the Jedi. Or at least by the way Williams portrays their emotions about him. Looking back at the book, after having read it, I realize that it was more action-oriented rather than character-oriented. That fact is what makes the novel unremarkable.

A very good action-oriented novel might be remembered as great fiction, but this novel is simply another decent Star Wars novel. Had it been a paperback publication, this review would be much more positive. I must give credit to Williams for one thing I found fantastic. The space battles were indeed large and involving. Not to slight Aaron Allston or Michael Stackpole, whose portrayals of space battles are second-to-none, but Williams is the first author who has truly made me see a humongous battle, encompassing tens of thousands of troops on either side, in full-scale combat.

He showed us utter fatigue and desperation of the fighter pilots that never seemed to show before. We got to see the toll this war has taken on many of these pilots. With that exception, and the final battle being the crown jewel of the novel, the myriad of events occurring in this book damage what might have been a fantastic story. Almost had to put this book down after the first few pages, where Han says some things that are totally out of character. It also seems at times that this author hasn't read the rest of the series or even the previous 3 books, where he leaves out important aspects like dovan bassil ability to track and tell specific ships apart by even the smallest differences in gravity signatures.

So frustrated with this book right now. Chapter 16 has Jaina pitched in a space battle with her twin suns now compr Almost had to put this book down after the first few pages, where Han says some things that are totally out of character. - Books - Reviews | New Jedi Order - Destiny's Way

First off, Jaina is starting to have self-doubt and musing of death that she had apparently gotten over in the previous book. Another instance of the author not reading previous material, or not caring. The space battle itself was mediocre at best and had the x-wings using none of the tactics that have been learned and demonstrated effective in the previous novels. So far this author is doing a very bad job of continuity and doing a good job of distracting me from any plot development that is going on.

Some major flaws in this book as detailed above knocked it from a 3-star to a 1-star. I liked how they brought back akbar and I enjoyed the intrigue of the formation of the new jedi council and the larger role that Luke took in the narrative, but that was about it. Dec 30, Jamie Fessenden rated it it was amazing Shelves: sci-fi , star-wars. I'm sure I missed some subtleties, but not enough to prevent me from enjoy Although I have been an enormous "Star Wars" fan since before "A New Hope" was called "A New Hope," I haven't read many of the novels, apart from those predating "Return of the Jedi.

I'm sure I missed some subtleties, but not enough to prevent me from enjoying the story. Williams is a terrific writer and he put together an exciting novel with considerable suspense -- at least, for someone who wasn't certain which characters might live or die. I particularly found the story arc of Luke's reestablishment of the Jedi Order to be fascinating and there were moments in the novel during which I found myself a bit teary-eyed. Considering that this is part of a series written by numerous writers, and most series whether "Star Wars" or other series don't impress me as much more than light entertainment, I consider that an achievement.

I would probably recommend reading the entire New Jedi Order series from the beginning, if you're a "Star Wars" fan, but this book is fairly accessible when taken alone, if you're familiar with the films. I thought it was excellent. Oct 23, Daniel rated it really liked it. Well, I got distracted. Not necessarily because the book was bad, but because I got Pokemon X.

Pokemon brings out some obsessive-compulsiveness in me Anywho, after no small amount of prodding from my wife, I started reading again. I was a little apprehensive that picking up in the middle of the book would be difficult.

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  2. Marvins Dilemma (Adventures of Marvin Book 2).
  3. Destiny's Way;
  4. Thankfully, it wasn't. Before I took my giant reading break, I found Destiny's Way to be good, but not great. I Well, I got distracted. I came back to a very interesting, well-written story. After thinking about it, I had a couple gripes about the beginning of the book. My main issue is Vergere changed characters almost completely. Her backstory seemed incongruent with who she was portrayed as in Traitor, earlier in the series.

    Her mystery disappeared, her attitude toward the Jedi was Onimi the jester. Do we really have to have a jester? It was also slightly boring. However, when I picked it back up about halfway through , I found it to be rather compelling. Luke finally gets something he's been pushing for since the beginning of the Yuuzhan Vong war. Jacen and Jaina are written very well.

    The last battle in the book is massive and intense. Hence, Nom Anor begins to investigate the blasphemous religion while Shimrra states that the Shamed Ones should learn that the Jedi won't save them, but if they won't listen, they should be killed on contact. Anor later learns, during his investigation, that everything that Shimrra ever stood for was a lie and that the Vong are fighting for a false cause. Jaina manages to train the rookies that have decided to join the fight against the Vong very well, and when Ackbar reveals his plan to destroy the Vong, he finds out about a hidden Imperial fortress in the Deep Core of the galaxy known as Tarkin's Fang in the Ebaq system.

    On the gas giant of Ebaq 's ninth moon, Ebaq 9 , there is an old abandoned factory the Empire was saving up in crucial times in its war against the Rebellion more than two decades earlier. Ackbar plans to lure the Vong there using bait they can't resist in capturing or killing. Later, Cal Omas decides that Jaina, Jacen and all the other Jedi who survived the Mission to Myrkr not including Ganner Rhysode , who died in the previous novel be promoted to full Jedi Knights in a public ceremony for their actions in the war.

    Those who died at Myrkr, including Anakin Solo , are remembered, and every one of the Jedi apprentices are knighted, especially Jaina, whom Luke declares the Sword of the Jedi , the bravest Jedi of all. After all the Jedi are knighted, Vergere learns of Scaur's Alpha Red project and sabotages it, then escapes Mon Calamari to an unknown location.

    Vergere asks for Jacen's help to find a place in the galaxy where the New Republic can't find her, but this plan is foiled when Jacen realizes that it is now the new Jedi Knights' top priority to find Vergere and capture her. And while Jacen keeps Vergere's presence a secret from everyone else, he leads Admiral Kre'fey's fleets into battle and tries to teach Tahiri Veila how to sense Yuuzhan Vong since she was captured and experimented by them back on Yavin 4. Jaina, Lowbacca and Tesar Sebatyne , as well as their pilot teams are placed on Ebaq 9 as bait for the Vong. Meanwhile, Nom Anor, disguising himself as a worker on Yuuzhan'tar, figures out that the eighth cortex of Vong-life shaping doesn't exist and Supreme Overlord Shimrra demanded for Nen Yim and a team of her shaper caste to actually create the eighth cortex.

    Also, the New Republic finds out it has Vong spies among them so they trick Nom Anor's agents into making them think that the Vong aren't being baited at Ebaq 9. Fooled by this deceit, Anor promises Shimrra if the Vong are lead into a trap that will result in an epic catastrophe, Nom Anor will die.

    So five large squadrons, lead by Tsavong Lah himself, attack Ebaq 9, but during the resulting battle where Jaina's forces fight back, they are aided by the Smugglers' Alliance, lead by Han and Leia, and other New Republic divisions. While Luke Skywalker persuades Garm Bel Iblis into joining the Battle of Ebaq from Fondor , a large portion of the Vong forces are destroyed in the battle, and Tsavong Lah realizes if he keeps on having the Vong fight the New Republic, they will all die.

    Meanwhile, Nom Anor becomes aware of the results of the battle from Yuuzhan'tar and escapes from impending doom he promised Shimrra, killing his superior, High Prefect Yoog Skell in the process. Back on Ebaq 9, Lah commands most of his remaining members of the squadrons to attack Ebaq 9, with the other Vong to retreat to preserve their lives for the future of the war, as the voxyn he brought with him to the battle tell him about Jedi being on the moon.

    The New Republic does its best to hold the Vong off the moon, but the invaders get through and hunt down Jaina, Lowbacca and Tesar, as well as all the surviving pilots in their squadrons that made it out of the battle alive. Most of Tsavong Lah's retreating ships are killed by New Republic forces participating outside the battle. Jacen, who leads the Force meld into Vong battles on Admiral Kre'fey capital ship, the Ralroost , realizes about Jaina's danger and goes against Kre'fey's orders to fly to the moon to help Jaina and her comrades escape.

    Vergere fails to stop Jacen from taking his X-wing to the moon, and Tsavong Lah invites all Jedi to join in the hunt on the moon while all non-Jedi will be killed by the Vong forces if they proceed to the moon. Jacen safely lands, bringing the odds to 10, Yuuzhan Vong vs. However, while Bel Iblis and his forces arrive in the battle, Vergere, knowing Jacen wouldn't survive in the hunt, steals an A-wing from the Ralroost and crashes it onto Ebaq 9, destroying its air supply immediately and killing nearly every Yuuzhan Vong on the moon, as well as herself in the resulting explosion of the A-wing.

    This is after she convinced Lah that she was Force-sensitive. But before she died, she created a Force projection of herself to Jacen to warn him about the resulting loss of air supply, so he builds a Force bubble around him that gives him his oxygen and after talking to the projection, he realizes Vergere is dead. Meanwhile, Jaina, Lowbacca, Tesar and several New Republic pilots survive the air loss by quickly activating their vacuum suits.