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The Dragon Heart Keeper (The Dragon Heart Series) - Kindle edition by L.L. Hunter, Arnild Aldepolla, Book 1 of 4 in The Dragon Heart Series (4 Book Series).
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There's no connection with the main characters, no reason to like them. At most I felt like Eva pissed me off and Ash was a total pushover.

And their behavior is strange. Ash seems to agree with everything that's happening to him, even when others lie to him all the time. Oh and then there's the ending Nov 03, Rita Webb rated it liked it. Too cute. I just wish it was longer, more detailed, more filled out. But loads of potential for younger readers.

I received a free copy of this book from Lady Amber's Book Tours in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of this review.

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The Dragon Heart Keeper by L. Hunter is the prequel novella that started the series. When Ashley Brandon is framed for murder, his sentence is an unusual one. He must live for one year as a dragon. Ash never knew his heritage as a Dragon Heart, aka dragon shifter.

Nor did he know that there was another realm parallel to thi I received a free copy of this book from Lady Amber's Book Tours in exchange for an honest review. Nor did he know that there was another realm parallel to this one that housed all the paranormal creatures from the story books. Ash is an easy to like character. When he shifts the first time, he takes it all in stride.

Then he meets his keeper, Eva, and sparks fly. The plot centers around Ash and his being the Dragon Heart. This is a short story, clocking in at just under 40 pages.

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Because of the small package, I had a hard time connecting with the characters and the world they lived in. It was very 2-dimensional without much depth. However if you enjoy paranormal romance and urban-esque fantasy, than you should definitely check it out! Nov 03, Simran rated it did not like it Shelves: dragons , confusing-plot , awful-conclusions , shape-shifters , pathetic-heroine , ibook-freebies. One of the worst books if you can even call it a book I've read in a while Thank god it was less than pages eBook otherwise I would've just left it after the first couple of chapters. Some serious editing needs to take place.

Waste of time - don't bother reading it. Awesome short story! I really enjoyed it and I wish that I had bought the more of her other books right away so that I could keep going! The rest of L. Hunter books are now on my TBR! I highly recommend this short story and this author! The story idea is interesting, though poorly executed.

There is little to the story but sudden jumps from scene to scene with no actual plot discussed through most of it. The only bit of plot you get feels like the "silver railroad" that gamers get stuffed onto by GMs. Not really worth reading. Very short quick read to get you interested in the 'Dragon Heart Keeper' series.

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It teases you just enough that you will want the next book and soon. Sep 27, L. Unlike the other entries on this list, Age of Fire actually stars dragons as the characters.

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This carries on the popular animal-perspective fantasy Watership Down, Redwall series, etc , but one that features dragons, not moles or rabbits. This is not a gentle fairy tale though, and there is plenty of violence and death in this story. The author renders both human and dragon characters in shades of grey. Knight E. Overall, a well done series. A must read if you are a dragon fan.

This one throws a few interesting ideas into the mix: everyone in the book is a dragon. You see, the author reimagines a world where humans are, well, dragons. The narrative is well done in this one, with a similar style to say Jane Austen or even Lois Bujold. The premise sounds a bit strange when you first start into the book, but you soon suspend all disbelief as the narrative skillfully leads you into the thick of things.

A great read and if you are sick to death of all the overdone standard fantasy tropes, this very well written, fresh take on the dragon subgenre will delight you. Features a dragon theme. Complex characters and relationships make this a compelling read. The author really plays around with gender identity issues here, but does so in a way that's not too hamfisted. It's a great read for anyone who likes fantasy that takes a bite out of some of the social issues we have.

Obsidian Chronicles. One of the more interesting dragon tales out there. Arlian, a young boy, survives a dragon attack which destroys his entire village. Dragons, you see, are evil, heartless creatures that appear suddenly from nowhere and prey on man. This takes the young-man-wrong-grows-up-and-seeks-revenge tale and breaths some fresh life into the tale, incorporating Dragons into it. You might think of this as The Count of Monte Cristo, the dragon edition.

Barbara Hambley almost seems forgotten in most fantasy circles these days, being eclipsed by the new modern crowd of fantasy writers like Martin, Lynch, Erikson, and the like. But in her prime she created some great books. Dragonsbane is one of her best. The characters are all well drawn and complex. Not your proto-typical hero on a quest to slay a dragon at all.

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A band of adventurers set out to plunder the horde of Smaug, the dragon. A lighter tale than Lord of the Rings, but every bit as good. The whole story revolves around reaching and defeating the talking dragon, but most of the story focuses on the journey itself and the adventures characters face in actually getting to that point first.

Dragonriders of Pern. An older fantasy series about dragons and the humans that ride them; these novels are perhaps the first that really explored human-dragon relationships in great detail. The dragons are real characters, not just beasts of burden to be slain or ridden though both happen. Kan Savasci: a legend, a warrior, a mage… hero and villain. Tears of a Heart marks the tale of a young man, Aeden, who unwittingly shapes the world. The writing is beautiful, layered, and timely. Chase Blackwood weaves an intricate tale that hints at so much more. And that may be its greatest challenge.

Tears of a Heart, the first book in the series, was beautifully written, and interesting. Silky and thick, it smelled like jasmine. Elizabeth put her hand gently on the scars. There were more and more of them marring the body of her lover each time they met. And you'll still be young and beautiful. The Queen had celebrated her 90th birthday last month, but she didn't look a day over twenty. The King had ruled the country for almost three centuries.

By the standards of the adepts, they were still young. He will marry, have children, and live happily, like all the mortals. About needing to fight for a place in the sun. About the enmity of the practitioners of the Art. He will never be drawn into the endless conflict of the strong sects. He will live a good, peaceful, happy life.

You can make our next son a warrior. He covered her with a blanket, closed the door and went out into the corridor. His elder brother, Primus, the First Warlord of the Kingdom, was already waiting for him.

They walked toward the small throne room, where the generals and senior officers had already gathered. He looks like a scholar about as much as a Heaven Tiger looks like a tame kitten. Haver smiled proudly and stopped near the window. He looked at his golden-domed capital, which stretched out for miles around. Almost thirty million people lived just in this city.

Overall, more than two billion people lived in his kingdom, which occupied a large swathe of land. The King shook his head—his kingdom, Lidus, was very small, almost imperceptible on a country map. Maybe that's why they had to fight so often. This is You have a lot of paragraphs that are only a sentence or two long, and most of your sentences are single clauses. You have very little variety in your writing. It could definitely use a rework.

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He only received a neuronet and meaningless desires from his past life. What lies ahead? He dreamed of adventure and freedom, but those dreams were taken away from him. The same way his mother, father, and sister had been taken away. They took the Kingdom, they took his own destiny. But he was willing to start a war, against the whole world if need be, to bring everything back. Even if the army opposed him, his sword would not waver.

Even if the Emperor sent the legions, his step would not falter. His name was Hadjar and he heeded the call of the dragon heart within him. Instead of pupils, he had sharp spindles. A man and a dragon looked at each other. A bug, and a monster the size of a mountain. Whether Fate, Chance or Ridiculous Coincidence had brought them together—nobody knew. Name: Traves Level:???????????????? Energy points:???????????????? Even idiots would laugh at you, if you were to do so. But he still crawled. The steel claw was the size of a windmill and resembled a guillotine. Undaunted, he crawled.

Toward his death. Toward his revenge. The ten yards became his own personal green mile. The dragon died, and the man was reborn. His mother apparently thought the same. Needless to say, he never won one of those games. But he was still determined to survive. In spite of it all, in spite of all of them. So, his life changed. It made him feel even more helpless. Paul Kowal.

He shook it. Plus, you're not my type. Koval asked him. He was dreaming. Strange animals were soaring in the sky. They looked like dragons. The wind was blowing. It was a pleasant wind, a wind that promised to grant him his only wish—to be free.

Are you sure?

What a stupid dream it was, but so enjoyable. Version 0. Condition is critical! He hadn't known something could be so funny. It was warm and tender. He was fine with it. Wait a minute Dlahi Hadjar. It was confusion. The armored girls, who had returned to the chamber, did the same. You cried for almost four hours after your birth. He weighs as much as a young ScaryWolf! The warriors tensed up. The King frowned. Haver sat down next to his wife and she lowered her head to his mighty, scarred chest.

Wars never stop. At that exact moment, he didn't know how wrong his wife was or how right his brother was. Want to add to the discussion? Post a comment! Create an account. Can you tell what is exactly wrong?