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“Stargazing” can have multiple meanings: he could mean literal 'stargazing', which could be a spectacular sight while under the influence of.
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Depending on the time of year, a subtle band of smoky light constitutes the outline of our galaxy and away from bright town and city lights is a showy splendor with bright spots, voids and intricate rivers of light.

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Very often, it is similarity and contrast that strike our mind with beauty, and engage our imagination. A beautiful sight can merely be a crescent moon wedged between two bright planets, hovering just above the glow of twilight. Seen from the gaze of a beginner, a clear sky can seem almost chaotic and confusing with stars spread throughout the sky, often clearly in groups and elusive patterns. The stars in the sky slowly change hour by hour and season by season.

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The moon mystically moves throughout the sky; slowly growing in size and brightness then shrinking in size. Many prospective observers remain deeply concerned and intimidating in learning how to get around in the sky and how to find interesting things to observe.

Many people are not aware of the interesting and pleasant observations they might be able to do with little to no equipment.

The awareness of the beauty of the universe comes from the famed and well published images of the mighty Hubble telescope ; A very powerful telescope however in the boundary of space. While a photo - however dramatic - will always be a photo, to actually see something with your own eyes is awe-inspiring and boggling to the imagination.

With no help from an observation tool, looking at the right place under dark conditions you can see the mighty Andromeda galaxy, a distant and intricate sight so far away that it has taken its image over two million years to reach your very eye. Thus to begin properly in this hobby, we must explain where things are in the sky, help you develop a plan to learn and use the constellations and to give you interesting sights to begin your observing career.



Having this in mind what is a sensible way of beginning astronomy. For those lucky enough to be able to connect to the amateur astronomical community; by far the best way to begin astronomy is to learn from the experts. For the many people who aren't able to or would rather begin on there, stargazing will be explained here in details.

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So if you can't or don't want to connect with amateur astronomers but want to learn about the basics of astronomy, you should start with what the eye can see, learn the constellations and be aware of interesting astronomical sights. You will need a dark place where you intend to observe, a chart to show you the constellations, and a plan to get your bearings. It's a good idea to time your initial observation to coincide with some interesting astronomical sight. Most people that think about observing celestial objects think of far-away skyscapes in the desert where the man-made lights are eliminated.

While this might be useful later on, such a place is rarely easy to reach. Most amateur astronomers live in town; your backyard is a good enough place to start learning. Sometimes the backyards isn't the best place. Walking at night in places far from light pollution can reward you with stunning views of the stars. We've created several routes that make the most of the landscape and the open skies above. Twitter Facebook Pinterest Email. Before you begin Stargazing is best done before the moon is full, so check the phase of the moon before you plan a trip.

The night sky is constantly changing, depending on the time of year and the time of night. Try stargazing at different points throughout the year to spot seasonal constellations. We hold stargazing events for all the family throughout the year. Give your local National Trust place a call to see if there is an event coming up near you. Download an app like Star Walk iPhone or Google Sky android to your mobile or tablet, and they will tell you what stars you can see from your current location. You can also install Stellarium on your desktop computer and use it to explore the skies near you What to take with you Something to lie on.

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A blanket or camping mat will do. Food, drink and warm clothes to keep kids happy and warm as you wait for the stars to come out. On a cold night hot chocolate can help keep little and not so little stargazers warm. A sprinkling of imagination to keep kids entertained. The Hermitage , Aoraki Mount Cook. The darkness of the night sky around Aoraki Mt Cook is unbeatable — its official! Let the team at Big Sky Stargazing introduce you to the wonders above.

The sq km Gold Status Aoraki Mackenzie International Dark Sky Reserve is the largest in the world and for this tour you will be the centre of it all.

Stargazing | Skyline Queenstown

Our experienced guides will introduce you to our beautiful southern night sky with a full hour using the naked eye, astro-binoculars and state of the art 14" and 11" astronomy telescopes. Unleash your imagination as you discover our neighbourhood in the universe including the southern cross, seasonal ecliptic objects, planets, planets, stunning star clusters, moons, distant galaxies and even our very own galaxy, the spectacular Milky Way.

An experience is guaranteed. The tour is delivered either from an outdoor viewing platform at our Stargazing building set alone under a massive night sky, or if the weather is unfavourable then your guide leads you through a 'live' orientation of our southern night sky indoors, reclined in comfortable seats of New Zealand's first digital Dome Planetarium theatre where 4k high definition images generated by state of the art computer software immerse you in a stunning digital view of the universe and beyond.