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Everyone wants to graduate from their four-year college in four years, but Meanwhile, quarter systems require about 10 credits per quarter.
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Oh yeah. Since I enjoy these two things, I have them semi-often. I stick to what I like. Snacks at work, soda for a long drive…. Since my girlfriend is a gamer, I decided to devise an elaborate scavenger hunt that would make her have to find clues and solve mysteries to discover the location of her present. I hid the passwords in all sorts of places. One was in the middle of a forest, one was hidden in a library book, and one was hidden inside a scrambled message that she had to use red-tinted glasses to read. A few more were hidden inside logic puzzles. The result? From start to finish, she and I had a good 8-hour day of fun exploring and solving the mystery together.

I went along with her the whole time, dropping the occasional small hint.


How to Graduate College in Four Years or Less

Now, I auto-invest a fixed amount every month. Either way, pay off your debt and start investing as soon as you can. It pays off. A firewall is a piece of software on a computer network that keeps intruders out of the system. However, I realize that bars can be a lot of fun for some people — and I do enjoy going out every once in a while. Boredom is the enemy of your wallet. My friend Tony Stubblebine — the founder of Lift — told me a great story when I interviewed him :. I wanted the best one possible. Now, I care about building Lift.

Elon Musk's Ultimate Advice for Students & College Grads - HOW TO SUCCEED IN LIFE

For me, building College Info Geek has been a passion for a long time. I have other passions as well — reading, DDR, climbing trees, and others.

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I freaking love reading, and I can be entertained for a week straight with just one ish page fantasy novel. My first recommendation? My definition is much more practical:. Here are a few examples of when being mindful helped me achieve my goals:. For more on mindfulness, check out my in-depth discussion about it on the Listen, Money Matters podcast. During my sophomore year, there was a day in which I found myself about 3 miles away from my dorm.

So, wandering around, I came across a discount bike shop. I bought a bike just so I could ride home and skip waiting for the bus. The next day, I put the bike on Craigslist. You can find iPods, computers, bikes… well, anything. Even creepy stuff. One thing I did early in college was scraping together old computers, installing Linux on them, and selling them as complete desktops at a small profit.

If you do anything like this, though, be wary of scams. Things that cost money. Some peer pressure spending is unavoidable. However, you can be mindful of it; learn to recognize it, and be willing to put your values first at times. At the random suggestion of one of my friends, I traveled to Japan right after my junior year ended. Here are a few:. For more travel hacks, check out my interview with Travis Sherry — a travel hacking master!

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Want to keep the money you would have spent paying for TurboTax? However, I do know it works in Iowa. When I was a junior, an employee at my campus bookstore let me know that the things I bought there are supposed to be tax-exempt, but the bookstore charges sales tax anyway. She also let me know that I could fill out Iowa Form , attach my bookstore receipts, and get the sales tax refunded.

Value Penguin has a great blog post with more details on this process for every state that allows it. You must slaughter it mercilessly.

10 tips to finishing your PhD faster

Crush it into the ground with the force of a thousand suns. Declare war on your debt. Whether or not you choose to wear a medieval battle helmet while you do this is up to you. Either way, seek way to pay off your debt as soon as you can. Pick a few, try them out, then come back and try others.

Images: sword girl , mad-eye moody , viking , Lil Jon , emo horse. Set a realistic baseline for your college choice, then shoot for the moon. That is very impressive. I took a lot of AP courses in high school, but the cost of taking the exams was so expensive so I only took two.

1. Make More Money

I wish someone would have slapped me then, lol. Hopefully we will keep his loans to a minimum or non-existent because of it. Thanks for the inspiration. I recommend looking into the dual enrollment program, which allows students 7th — 12th grade to take college classes and receive college and high school credit for free. I receive free books and do not have to pay for classes. As a result of starting the dual enrollment program at 14 freshman year , I will be graduating high school and college at 16 years old. However, I plan to go immediately straight to graduate school and get my MBA in 1 year.

I graduated a year early as well. Ironically, I did everything you did! One thing to keep in mind is that you can also attend a community college and a university at the same time! This is how I was able to take that many classes without having to ask my university for permission. I missed out on stuff, but I definitely feel accomplished. When I lived in Canada, it took me 3 years to finish my undergrad but I do regret not taking summer courses to finish earlier. I could have probably finished in 2. I received a full ride that required me to take 15 credits per semester no summer.

The free money really helped relieve money stress. How can I do the same? I wasted 3 years of college being an idiot and being lazy. Can you please please help me? What can I do? I feel so regretful and like an idiot. How can I graduate on time and owe little money back???? Being at community college is a good idea because you can earn affordable college credits. I also graduated in 2. I still studied the same amount of time. The highschool AP classes also helped. I did this too!

It still took me 4 years, but I had dealt with family issues, a complete change of major after 2. I could have graduated in 2 years if the sense to do this had hit me earlier. I rented my books or puppy-eyed my professors and borrowed their extra copies. Still managed to have fun and get good grades. Sounds like we have a pretty similar story! I did a major change, but luckily it was within the first semester. Oh okay, well i was asking in a way so i can get tips on how you studied for those 8 classes….

So i thought you would have tips on how you managed to remember what you studied. Also were these extra 4 classes electives? Or easy classes? I think I did 2 semesters of 24 credits? And I then I did a few 21 credit semesters. Oh okay much better break down! If i only do 15 then I will take a summer class and take another Do you remember if any of the few classes were electives? Or were they all heavy load classes? Well wish me luck hun i will be trying this out and summer semester this year. I would love to follow your footsteps.

You such an inspiration! Both of my daughters skip grades and their current school have this 11 grades program. Yup, no grade My oldest one wants to be a dentist. I got 90 overseas credits which is Diploma in hotel management. I earned around Please advise on this, that would be highly appreciated. I had the same drive and determination as you did. Problem was, I was going in the wrong direction.

Being busy is not the same as being productive.

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I will be wealthy and fulfill many careers, but I wasted over a decade being busy with the wrong things. Now I am starting over. I will never go back to being busy doing unproductive things. Hi Michelle, Just came across your post and I am currently doing the exact same thing. I will be graduating with a double major in International Relations and Business in December of this year having been matriculated into school in September Leadership Transition when do proscar side effects occur when a drug. June 6, First Generation Summit prostate medication drugs finasteride.

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